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Discontinued. Limited stock. Price reduced.

These pocket saws fold to only 6" long, so you can easily tuck them into a tool belt or toss them into a toolbox or drawer without damaging the teeth (or anything else).

The 5 tpi cardboard saw makes quick work of breaking down boxes for recycling, and is equally useful anywhere you need a scalloped-tooth blade; it cuts through 3/8" rope in a single slice, speeds through foam insulation and neatly sections rigid PVC tubing.

The 12 tpi keyhole saw cuts on the pull stroke to tension the blade for tight-radius curves. Suitable for wood, PVC or plywood, its narrow blade accesses confined spaces and slips into a 5/16" drilled hole to start a cut in the middle of stock.

Both saws have non-slip, elastomer-coated handles with a spring catch that secures the blade in line with the handle or at 30° for clearance.

Made in Japan.

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