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This professional miter box will handle stock 7 1/4" high, 8" wide at 90°, and 5" wide at 45°. The saw can be set at any angle and has automatic stops for 90°, 45°, and for 5, 6, 8 and 12-sided frames.

The high back fences for supporting tall stock can be removed for cutting compound miters. Grooves in the base allow you to cut molding at seven compound angles. The saw parks at the maximum height to make setting your work easier.

An improved saw tensioner holds the 25" blades taut for smooth cuts. The saw also features fast-action material clamps and an end stop that extends 28 1/2".

The miter box is available with an impulse-hardened 18 tpi Western-style blade or a fine, fast-cutting 16 tpi Japanese Ikeda tooth blade suitable for all wood types. Teeth are impulse hardened for long life.

Extra Western-style standard blades are available: A 12 tpi for faster cutting, 24 tpi for extra-fine work and a 32 tpi for non-ferrous metals.

Excellent systems. Made in Sweden.

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