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Our dovetail saw guides allow novices to achieve exceptional results, but they can also help you develop the skills needed to cut joinery without them.

These sets are designed for people who want to learn how to cut dovetails completely by hand – with added details in the instructions to help teach you everything you need to know to lay out and cut dovetails.

Each set combines parts from several of our other sets in a convenient bundle, and saves you a little money by eliminating parts that are duplicated (like the clamps) when you purchase those sets individually.

The dovetail guide and saw set includes a 14° saw guide, a right-angle saw guide, a clamp to attach them to the workpiece and a dovetail saw designed specifically to provide the best results with the guides. The dovetail guide set includes only the guides and clamp.

The dovetail guides, which clamp in position, hold the saw at the correct place and the correct angle for a perfect cut. They keep the saw perfectly aligned with 3/4" rare-earth magnets embedded in the anodized aluminum guide, covered with a layer of low-friction UHMW plastic.

The 14° guide provides a visually distinct dovetail angle that works in any type of wood, while the right-angle guide helps you saw perfectly square shoulder cuts on tail boards.

The clamp for the guides can be used with material from 1/4" to 1" thick. The dovetail saw blade is 2" wide and 8 1/2" long. It has 22 tpi and 0.005" of tooth set, with a dozuki tooth form that is effective in both crosscuts and rip cuts.

Patented. Guides made in Canada.

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