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These are superb tools for clean, precise cuts in thin materials. Each has steeply sloped jaws with hardened single-bevel edges that are offset for finger clearance.

The metal snips are the smallest of the three, but have the most powerful cutting action, suitable for wire, wood or sheet metal. The robust jaws are gently curved on the underside, so they permit flush cuts, but can also be used to shape a radius or chamfer. Overall length is 4 1/2".

The plastic snips have fine-pointed jaws that are offset at 20° and are ground flat on the underside. While they are designed for cleanly flush-cutting plastic model parts from the casting sprue, they are also suitable for detailed cuts in various craft materials. Overall length is 4 3/4".

The detail snips are a favorite among electronics buffs as their narrow tips, flat-backed and offset at 45°, permit precise cuts in confined spaces. A rigid steel nib projecting from the face of one jaw aligns with a guide hole in the opposite jaw, helping maintain precise alignment of the cutting edges. Overall length is 4 1/2".

PVC coating for comfortable grip.

Made in Japan.

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