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Traditional wooden spokeshaves are still popular tools, despite modern alternatives that offer better control over depth of cut.

Typical spokeshave blades have tangs that wedge into holes in the tool body. Cut depth is adjusted by tapping the tang ends or the base of the blade. Many users find ways to refine this haphazard process, but most require a screwdriver or other tool, or the blade must be removed to make even a small adjustment.

With this kit (and basic woodworking skills) you can build a tool with a simple, effective depth adjustment that requires no blade removal or tools. We offer two sizes. The large is a good general purpose tool. The small is for general tasks on a slightly smaller scale, allowing fine control on detail work (e.g., small chamfers).

Kits include an A2 steel blade, a brass wear strip, two brass lock nuts and adjustment thumb wheels, a tap, and instructions. The large blade is 2 3/4" × 1/8" thick (4" × 11/16" overall); the small blade is 1 7/8" × 3/32" thick (2 3/4" × 1/2" overall). You provide and shape the wood of your choice (minimum blank sizes are 11" × 1 1/2" × 7/8" or 10" × 1 1/8" × 3/4" respectively).

Patented. Made in Canada.

We have cherry blanks available separately.

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