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Designed by Roy Child for Henry Taylor Tools, this unique gouge alone will perform the functions of a whole range of bowl gouges.

Traditionally, bowl gouges were forged or machined to a consistent round radius of a particular size, with each size used for a different purpose, e.g., the 1/4" bowl gouge is for delicate or decorative work, and the 1/2" bowl gouge for roughing out bowls or general work on large bowls.

The super-flute gouge is made from 5/8" HSS round bar machined with an elliptical cross-section flute instead of a consistent round radius. The bottom of the flute is 1/8" wide, increasing in width to 7/16" wide at the top of the flute. This gives you a cutting range of 1/8" to 7/16", depending on the positioning of the tool against the wood.

With a steep bevel grind typical of bowl gouges, the bottom of the flute protrudes slightly to produce a fine finish.

The blade is 9" long with a heavy-duty 15" handle.