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With durable carbide tips and a shaft design that permits excellent control, these are outstanding turning tools. The shafts are machined flat on the underside to register squarely on the rest, so you can maintain a smooth cut by simply advancing or retracting the tool while moving it laterally, without the complex sweeping motion that ordinary round-shafted gouges require. When the tips begin to wear, you can simply loosen the locking screw and rotate the tip to present a fresh edge.

Scaled for smaller work, each tool measures about 11" overall, with a contoured beech handle for a comfortable, secure grip. Primarily used for rapid stock removal, the roughing tool has a 7/16" square tip with slightly radiused sides, so it can also be used for finishing cuts on outside curves. The finisher has a 1/2" diameter round tip for shaping and smoothing inside vessels or cutting coves on spindles. The detailer has a 7/16" × 1 1/8" double-ended diamond-shaped tip, suitable for cutting narrow beads and coves. A full set of replacement tips is also included (additional sets can be purchased separately).

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