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This is an impressive wrench. Though just 5 1/2" long and compact enough to slip into a pocket, it works with nuts and bolts in a broad range of common sizes. You don’t need to know the exact Imperial or metric size; the jaws accommodate any head from 5/16" to 3/4" (8mm to 19mm). The three-position hinge permits quick coarse sizing; the jaws then automatically self-adjust to the exact fit as you grasp the handles.

The fine-toothed jaws are inclined at a slight angle (approx. 7°) to create a natural wedging action that grips firmly with just a light squeeze – it won’t slip and round off fastener corners as an ordinary adjustable wrench can.

Relaxing your grip on the return stroke lets the jaws open as they travel past the fastener corners, eliminating the need to remove and reposition the wrench every partial rotation.

While it is no substitute for owning a full set of wrenches or sockets, it is an outstanding tool for field repairs, and can be hung in a garden shed or other convenient location to spare you a trip to the workshop.

Made of stainless steel that’s heat treated for wear resistance and lightly textured for grip.

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