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While the Jointmaker Pro is certainly a versatile and accurate system all on its own, this optional accessory adds so much to it that we feel it's an upgrade well worth considering. Mounted in place of the wooden fences supplied with the Jointmaker Pro, it serves as both a fence and a stop block assembly, making set-up for joinery as well as crosscuts faster and more precise. Each of four flip-up stops travels along a direct-reading scale for primary positioning.

A micro-adjust knob at the end of the fence then lets you fine-tune the stop position in increments without the usual process of having to tap it into place or make test cuts. Adjustments are virtually backlash-free and the stops lock reliably, ensuring settings remain true and repeat cuts are accurate.

It consists of two separate anodized aluminum extrusions that can operate together or independently, and has low-friction UHMW plastic sub-fences for smooth workpiece travel. The Imperial version has a scale with 0.050" graduations and a micro-adjust in 0.001" increments; the metric version has a scale with 1mm graduations and a micro-adjust in 0.02mm increments.

To further expand the capabilities of the Jointmaker Pro, it has T-tracks for mounting additional accessories (available separately), such as a tenon and miter jig, and two hold-down clamps.

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