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The multiple mortise and tenon attachment will cut blind or through mortises, and flush or raised tenons from 5/16" × 5/8" to 1 1/2" × 2 1/2". A 1/2" HSS spiral bit is included. To use this tool, a 1/2" collet plunge router and a 5/8" O.D. template guide are required.

The finger-joint template can produce square half-blind joints in three basic sizes, plus eleven sizes of box joints, in stock from 1/8" to 1 1/4" thick. Three supplied eccentric guide bushings (one for each template finger size) simplify fitting joints by letting you quickly and precisely change the distance between the cutter and finger assembly. Also fits any older 24" D-series dovetail jig.

For distinct, curvy shapes, the Isoloc joint templates come in three styles – key & mirror, clover & bear ears, and ellipse & wave. Each template includes Leigh's five-piece guide bushing set and an instruction manual. The set of three templates includes all three template styles, the boxed five-piece guide bushing set and the manual.

Made in Canada.


Not available for shipment to Québec.


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