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This Austrian jig makes quick work of drilling holes for handles and knobs. Ideal for production work, it is adjustable vertically and horizontally. Graduated double guide rods center holes up to 245mm (9 3/4") from any edge.

A movable stop on graduated bars provides positioning up to 315mm (12 3/8") from the top or bottom of the door (or end of the drawer front). Extension rods increase the stop's capacity to 1230mm (48 1/2"). With the exception of situations requiring the extension rods (which are not graduated), drilling is done without any measurement. Ball detents in the fence allow the drilling bar to pivot for placing holes at 15°, 30° and 45° to the reference surface. Works for left- and right-hinged doors. The stainless-steel guides and extension rods are treated with a tough hard-coat finish and the aluminum drilling bar is hard anodized for durability.

Available as a combined metric/Imperial jig or in dedicated metric or Imperial versions. The metric drilling bar is graduated for hardware mounted on 32mm centers (from 32mm up to 320mm) and the Imperial bar has holes for pieces on 1/2" centers (from 2 1/2" to 12"). The drilling bars are also available individually.

A simple but versatile jig.

Instructions included.

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