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This jig lets you counterbore screws into the edges of decking to produce a surface free of exposed fasteners. Made of glass-filled nylon with hardened steel bushings, the jig has a central guide hole for driving in line with a joist; the two other guides allow driving at compound angles where access is difficult, such as next to a wall. You simply drill a pilot hole at each joist and then use the jig over each hole to drive the screw at the correct angle. The jig includes decking spacers (three 5/16" deck-board spacers, and three 1/4" spacers), a 6" hardened-steel stepped drill bit for drilling pilot holes, a special 6" long thin-diameter Phillips/square-recess driver to fit through the guide bushings when driving deck screws, and depth-stop collars for the drill and driver. Comes with DVD instructions plus 100 ceramic-coated screws to get you started. For use with deck boards from 3/4" to 1 1/4" thick and the Kreg screws offered separately. Made in the USA.

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