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Think of this as a Meccano set for making jigs. Ideal for those short on time or confidence in jig construction, it contains a selection of modular parts in one convenient kit, so you can build shop aids with ease and speed. Its modularity lets you readily assemble the components, make design changes, or produce jigs with interchangeable parts that mount on a common base.

The kit contains two 5/8" thick MDF panels (15 1/2" × 7 3/4" and 15 1/2" × 11 3/4") pre-drilled for mounting miter-slot runners. Comes with a pair of panel connectors, an 18" long 3/8" × 3/4" aluminum miter-slot runner, an 18" long 3/4" T-track, and an 18" long T-track with an integral scale graduated in 32nds of an inch (both T-tracks accept the hexagonal head of standard 1/4-20 bolts).

Also includes a hold-down clamp, two 90° brackets, eight wing knobs and eight bolts, as well as plans and instructions for making five jigs: a router table coping sled, a disc sander table, a squaring jig for a table saw, an angled crosscut jig, and a tenoning jig.

The supplied parts are an excellent foundation for making an array of workshop fixtures; however, most require additional material for making fences, stops, etc. To expand the kit, individual components are also available separately.

Made in USA.

Not available for shipment to Québec.

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