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Minimizing vibration is key to making smooth cuts, particularly with thin or large workpieces. With this chuck, precise machining (total runout tolerance on the body is 0.0015") and careful design result in a work-holding system that significantly reduces chatter. The body is made of stainless steel, which not only resists corrosion from contact with green or acidic woods, but also permits machining to final tolerance without requiring an allowance for additional plating.

This manufacturing process provides a closer fit with the headstock mandrel, more stable support for the jaws and minimal lateral movement of the jaw slides, all of which help reduce vibration. Instead of using levers to operate the scroll, the chuck is key driven so you can apply significant clamping force with minimal effort. The scroll mechanism has a smooth action, is hardened for durability, and is enclosed to help reduce dust infiltration and frequency of maintenance. Radiused corners on the low-friction jaw slides help minimize risk of injury from contact with the spinning jaws.

The SK100 Clubman is for lathes with swings of 12" to about 20". It is 100mm (3 7/8") in diameter, weighs about 1.75kg (3.8 lb) and is compatible with any Axminster jaw set.

The chuck is direct threaded and offered without jaws, giving you the option of selecting the initial set. Additional jaw slide sets are also available so you can interchange jaws without having to remove the mounting screws.

Produced in England, this is a comprehensive and well-made work-holding system.

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