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Unlike other angle-grinder attachments for power carving, this one has three 1" wide tungsten carbide cutters that produce a planing action, so it yields an exceptionally smooth surface while permitting excellent control. Because the cutters do not extend to the edge of the disc, there is minimal risk of catching or gouging, and it can even make occasional contact with a template or adjacent surface without damage.

Useful for both rapid stock removal and precise, careful cuts, it can be held flat to the work when levelling surfaces, or tilted for freehand sculpting of convex or concave shapes, such as when saddling chair seats.

The 3 7/8" diameter disc is compatible with 4" and 4 1/2" angle grinders and mounts on a 5/8" arbor. The cutters are highly durable but can be readily sharpened with a diamond hone if needed.

Made in Australia.

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