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This rail system lets you use a portable circular saw much as you would a track saw, for true cuts and improved safety. Your saw mounts onto the included 7 1/4" × 15 1/2" universal base, which travels along the 54" extruded aluminum rails to eliminate risk of a wandering cut and potential kickback.

Each rail has a strip of sacrificial plastic edging; your first pass automatically cuts the edging to the exact blade position of your saw. Once cut, the edging overlays the surface of the work right to the kerf, greatly reducing chipping and tear-out.

Positioning the rails is easy; aligning the edging with your cut lines simplifies square cuts as well as those at any angle to the edge of the stock. This direct-reading capability also applies to bevelled cuts – you simply cut a new edging strip to correspond to the specific blade angle.

You can also use the base independent of the rails for freehand cuts. It provides a broad, rigid support that remains registered on the work until the blade has completely cleared the cut.

Plunge-cutting through the included zero-clearance insert plate creates a slot matched to your saw’s blade, so the plate fully supports the material to eliminate tear-out. A spacer fin on the underside prevents kickback by holding the kerf open to keep it from binding on the blade.

The fence improves speed and accuracy when making square or angled cuts on sheet stock. The fence simply registers against the edge of the work - no clamps are needed, as the included handle makes it easy to hold the fence in position.

The repeater stop registers against the end of sheet stock for making multiple pieces of the same width, quickly and without having to measure. The telescoping arm is suspended below the panel, where it cannot obstruct the blade, and extends to a maximum of 40" to the right of the guide rail and 47" to the left.

All components are constructed largely of lightweight, rugged extruded aluminum.

Made in USA.

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