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These mills allow you to produce chain-sawn lumber and squared timbers without modifying your saw. All include use instructions. For best performance, a ripping chain is recommended.

Affordable for smaller-scale work, the small mill fits saws 20" or under and cuts boards from 1/2" to 13" thick and up to 17" wide. Constructed from plated steel and aluminum, it is lightweight yet rugged. Maximum cutting width is approximately 3" less than the nominal length of the saw bar.

Suitable for heavy-duty use, the larger Alaskan MKIV mills cut boards from 1/2" to 12" thick. They are usable with any make of chain saw with bar sizes up to 24", 30", 36", and 48" for the largest mill, and the width of board milled is limited only by the length of the saw bar used.

The main frames are made from 1 1/8" square machined extruded aluminum; the chain-saw support posts and clamps are made from 1" tubular steel stock, welded and plated. Graduated posts and T–handles make adjustments quick and easy.

The use of a mill on any saw with a bar less than 16" is not recommended.

Made in the USA.

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