This system greatly improves the safety, accuracy and edge quality of circular-saw cuts. Mounted onto the saw’s base plate, the 7 1/4" × 15 1/2" universal base provides a broad, rigid support that remains registered on the work until the blade has completely cleared the cut.

It comes with a customizable zero-clearance insert plate; plunge-cutting through the plate creates a slot matched to your saw’s blade, so the plate fully supports the material to prevent tear-out. A spacer fin on the underside of the base functions much like a riving knife on a table saw, preventing kickback by holding the kerf open to keep it from binding on the blade. Compatible with most right- and left-handed saws.

The base is available on its own for freehand cuts, or with an optional direct-reading guide that permits repeatable cuts up to 24" from a reference edge. Lightweight and portable, the guide is steel and aluminum and has a 24" long fence for stable registration. The guide is particularly useful when you want to quickly break down full-size sheet stock into more manageable pieces.

An additional insert plate is available separately (includes a spacer fin), either as a replacement or to create a new custom-fitting plate when switching saw blades.

Made in USA.

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