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The purpose of bowl buffs is to buff concave surfaces thoroughly and safely. Compared to most other buffs, these are assembled from fewer plies of material, which makes them better able to conform to wood contours. The 4" buffs use three different combinations of material: linen for tripoli, linen/flannel for white diamond, and all flannel for wax. Each buff is coded so you don’t use it with the wrong compound or wax (orange disc for tripoli, yellow disc for wax and no disc for white diamond).

They can be mounted on 1/2" or 5/8" shafts using the combination adapter or on a lathe with the addition of a Morse taper adapter. For additional reach, an extension to the adapter is available separately. Due to their smaller diameter, consider running them at a higher speed than the 8" wheels. Also available in 2" and 3" diameters.

Made in USA.

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