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Built from premium materials in the USA, this is a professional-grade compact bench-top router table. It has all the utility of a larger table but is easier to store and transport, making it ideal for smaller workshops or jobsite use.

The table is mounted on a heavy-gauge steel base, and stands 15 3/4" high. Its 15 7/8" × 23 7/8" × 1" thick MDF top has a low-friction dimpled laminate surface for smooth workpiece travel. The miter slot is a rigid aluminum extrusion permitting use with jigs that use 3/4" runners.

Unlike so-called universal plates, with their multiple dust-trapping mounting holes, the 9 1/4" × 11 3/4" × 3/8" phenolic insert plate supplied is not pre-drilled; its underside has a pattern of lines for centering the sub-base of the router to use it as a drilling template. The plate comes with a removable pivot post and has an aperture with a 3 13/16" major and 3 5/8" minor diameter to accept large-diameter bits and Kreg's reducing rings. Four levellers simplify setting the insert flush with the top.

The 3 5/8" high by 24" long extruded aluminum fence has 1/4" T-tracks on the top and face, and is secured by two twist-lever clamps for rapid positioning relative to the bit. The two laminate sub-fences split for optimal chip escape. For jointing or to eliminate sniping on full-thickness profiles, it comes with shim rods that can be inserted behind the sub-fences to offset them.

Includes a top-mounted metric/Imperial scale, an adjustable bit guard, three reducing rings (with 1" and 2 5/8" openings, plus one with a 1 3/16 though bore/1 3/8" counterbore), an insert wrench and a 2 1/4" vacuum port. Rugged, precise and well made, this is a portable yet sturdy table.

Made in USA.

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