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Useful for making a router table in your own shop, this precision insert plate is the same as the one that comes with the Kreg bench-top router table. (Kreg bench-top tables purchased before May 2013 use an older style of insert.)

Made of phenolic resin, the 9 1/4" × 11 3/4" × 3/8" plate has a 3 5/8" through bore and a 3 7/8" counterbore to accept large-diameter bits and insert rings. It comes with three inserts with openings of 1" and 2 5/8", plus a 1 3/16" through bore/1 3/8" counterbore insert for compatibility with standard guide bushings. A twist-lock system allows fast and easy insert changes; just drop the ring into the opening and give it a short turn with the included pin wrench to lock it flush with the plate surface.

The plate is not pre-drilled; a target pattern on the underside guides drilling so you can custom mount virtually any router model. A tapped hole takes a removable pivot pin (included) for safe freehand work.

For user-made tables, a set of four levellers is available separately to let you quickly and precisely set the plate flush with the tabletop surface and eliminate the need to rout a supporting ledge in the opening.

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