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Compatible with most plunge routers, this attachment lets you use the EZ Smart track saw system to guide router cuts for excellent control and repeatability. Installation is easy – you simply drill the attachment's mounting plate to match the hole pattern of your router's base, then secure the mounting plate using the router’s baseplate screws.

A plunge cut with a large-diameter straight bit creates a centered hole in the plate, permitting clearance for any bit of a smaller diameter. You can fine-tune the cut position (up to 8") perpendicular to the guide rail, and also vertically (up to 3"); the vertical adjustment lets you raise the router to match the thickness of the workpiece when the stock is positioned beside the rail, rather than beneath it.

The limit stops (available separately) let you return to a fine-tuned position for repeated cuts. Rail stops, also available separately, are used to restrict router travel to control cut lengths. Largely made from extruded aluminum and high-strength plastic, this is an excellent system for controlling router operations independent of a router table.

Made in USA.

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