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For flattening a workbench, live-edge table or other wood slab too large to pass through a jointer or thickness planer, these bits are an effective, economical alternative. Used with a router and router sled, they also work well for flattening end-grain cutting boards or wood with difficult grain patterns such as crotch wood. The bits have tungsten carbide tips that retain their hardness at high temperatures, so the bits keep their precision-ground edges for a clean cut. The bodies have a non-stick green coating for easy resin removal. Each bit includes a friction-fit holder made of an advanced polymer, which can be mounted horizontally or upright.

The 1" diameter bit has a cutting depth of 19/32" and an 8mm diameter shank that is 28mm long; the 1 1/2" diameter bit cuts up to 11/16" deep and is available with an 8mm diameter shank (34mm long) or a 1/2" diameter shank (1 11/32" long).

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