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These router bits have several unique features.

The double-flute upcut spiral design ensures rapid, clean waste removal, particularly in plunge routing where the specially designed end mill lets you plunge without fear of plugging and heat generation.

They are excellent for grooving, slitting, blind routing and end milling.

The bits range in length from 2 5/8" to 3 1/2" according to size. High-speed steel, they are suitable for all woods, non-abrasive plastics, and aluminum. The 3/8" and 5/16" shank diameter sizes require separate bushing adapters (sold separately).

The 1/4" and 3/8” bits are suitable for use with our router letter template set.

Available individually or in sets.

Made in USA.


Onsrud Spiral Router Bit, 1/8" diameter

A: 1/8"

B: 3/8"

C: 1/4"

Onsrud Spiral Router Bit, 3/16" diameter

A: 3/16"

B: 5/8"

C: 1/4"

Onsrud Spiral Router Bit, 5/16" diameter

A: 5/16"

B: 1"

C: 5/16"

Onsrud Spiral Router Bit, 3/8" diameter

A: 3/8"

B: 1"

C: 3/8"

Onsrud Spiral Router Bit, 7/16" diameter

A: 7/16"

B: 1 3/4"

C: 1/2"

Onsrud Spiral Router Bit, 1/2" diameter

A: 1/2"

B: 1 1/2"

C: 1/2"

Onsrud Spiral Router Bit, 3/4" diameter

A: 3/4"

B: 1 1/4"

C: 1/2"

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