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Using plywood for a table top, cabinet side or bookcase shelf has many advantages, the most important being ease of use, economy and stability. The challenge is to hide the edges so that core veneer layers are never visible.

These paired edging router bits make it much easier to apply solid wood edging by cutting matching profiles on the solid wood and the plywood.

The convex/concave profiles center perfectly, allowing for foolproof gluing every time, and the increased interface area ensures a stronger glue bond. They can be used with size-on-size edging or wider anti-sag shelf lips and cabinet sides.

The piloted bits come with shims to accommodate variations in nominal 3/4" material. Body diameter is 1 1/4” and depth is 0.690” to 0.790”. 1/2" shank.

These bits use a 22mm × 8mm replacement bearing (available separately).


Plywood Edging Bits

A: 1 3/4"

B: 0.690"-0.790"

C: 1/2"

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