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A stunningly complex yet incredibly versatile tool used to make a near limitless variety of moldings, the Stanley Tools #55 Universal Combination Plane was largely produced during the first 60 years of the 20th century. Many of the unique moldings it produced still exist in buildings but are not easily reproduced, making repairs and restoration efforts difficult.

These bits are based on some of the #55 blade profiles that are most difficult to reproduce. They can be used alone for simple moldings or in combination for more complex profiles.

Our professional/industrial grade bits have tungsten carbide inserts ground on CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines using 600x diamond wheels. Tungsten carbide maintains its hardness at high temperatures and holds an edge far longer than high-carbon or high-speed steels. The bit bodies have a non-stick coating for easy resin removal.

All have 1/2" diameter shanks and a 3/4" minor cutting diameter. These bits use a 3/4" × 1/4" replacement bearing (sold separately).

For better safety, the 1 11/16” bit should be used only in a router table equipped with a fence and not used free hand.

Each bit includes an advanced polymer friction-fit holder that can be mounted horizontally or upright.


Stanley #55 Molding Router Bit – Reverse Ogee – 1/4" Radius

A: 1 3/8"

B: 1/2"

C: 5/16"

R: 1/4"

Stanley #55 Molding Router Bit – Reverse Ogee – 7/16" Radius

A: 1 11/16"

B: 3/4"

C: 15/32"

R: 7/16"

Stanley #55 Molding Router Bit – Reverse Ogee – 31/64" Radius

A: 1 13/16"

B: 1"

C: 17/32"

R: 31/64"

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