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To replace a favorite handle, to make one tailored to your preferred grip, or simply to satisfy the urge to customize tools, this round-over bit is specifically designed for handle-making. Much faster and more precise than using a bandsaw and hand tools, the bearing-guided bit follows a template's contours exactly, and its overlapping cutting flutes ensure a rounded profile with no flats or ridges. The result is a close-to-finished form, requiring minimal hand shaping prior to sanding.

The bearing is sized to the bit's minor diameter, so templates can be made actual size, with no conversion needed. Suitable for handle stock from 25/32" (0.79") to 1" thick, it is height adjustable in 0.05mm (0.002") increments by adding shims onto the shaft between the cutting flutes. Includes five 1mm (0.039"), two 0.5mm (0.02"), four 0.1mm (0.004"), and two 0.05mm (0.002") shims.

The bit has a 1 7/8” diameter, a 1/2" shaft and a 15/32” radius.

The steel body has a non-stick coating for easy resin removal, and the cutters are made of carbide to ensure long-lasting edges. Not intended for freehand use.

The bit includes an advanced polymer friction-fit holder that can be mounted horizontally or upright.

Patent pending.

Uses a 24mm × 8mm replacement bearing (available separately).

To complement this bit, we have created templates that allow you to reproduce the handles on some of our Veritas tools, as well as some Stanley planes. See the Care and Use tab.

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