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Despite its odd appearance, this is an effective featherboard. Instead of rigid wood or plastic, the feathers are inserts made of high-density EVA foam, purposely shaped to not only provide the flex needed for smooth, low-effort infeed, but more important, to aggressively resist kickback.

The single featherboard, with 3/4" × 3/8" table bars to fit most miter slots, comes with a dark-gray standard feather insert configured for general duty. An optional light-gray high-flex insert, designed for use with thin materials prone to buckling, is available separately.

The 3 1/2" tall featherboard system, for thick workpieces or those that must be supported on edge, comes with two stand-alone featherboards, each with 3/4" table bars, plus spacers and the hardware to stack them. They also come with a pair of standard feather inserts and a high-flex insert.

Both the single and dual featherboards provide 6" of lateral adjustment relative to the cutter.

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