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These top-of-the-line carbide dado sets have two side-cutting blades with a combination tooth pattern of five cutting teeth (high points are bevelled to the outside for a clean cut) followed by a straight raker tooth. The four inner chipper blades combine with the side cutters to cut dadoes from 1/4" to 13/16" wide.

The 8" × 46-tooth set is for melamine-surfaced wood or for any use where chipping is a problem. The chip-limitation tooth construction prevents kickback and overtaxing of the motor, and has smaller chip removal. All sets have a 5/8" arbor and include dado shims and a storage case.

To determine the maximum cutting height of each set, simply install a 10" blade in your saw, measure its maximum height, and subtract 1" for an 8" set and 2" for a 6" set.

Not available for shipment to Québec.