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Forrest saw blades are consistently ranked among the top-performing blades in the industry. Hardened to Rc40-42, the steel plates are laser cut and hand straightened and then tensioned to produce a runout accuracy better than 0.001". The long-life C-4 carbide teeth are finely ground and produce clean, finish-quality cuts with little side scoring or tear-out.

All blades have 5/8" arbors and have a maximum rpm of 7000 (though the maker recommends running the blades at between 3000 and 5000 rpm for best results).

Designed for splinter-free trim and crosscut work on a radial arm saw or table saw, Woodworker I blades are suitable for stock up to 2" thick. The teeth are set with 30° ATB (alternate top bevel) and a 5° face hook. 10" × 60-tooth configuration with a thin, 3/32" kerf.

Intended for general-purpose use, the teeth on the Woodworker II combination blades are set with 15° ATB and 20° face hook angles. Ideal for both rip and cross cutting, the 10" × 30-tooth blade is for materials over 2" thick; the 10" × 40-tooth blade for materials up to 2" thick. Suitable for use in table or portable saws. Available in 3/32" or 1/8" kerf versions.

A stiffener, though not required, is recommended on thin-kerf (less than 1/8") blades for best performance. Sold separately.

Made in the USA.

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