This is no ordinary flex shaft. It has a built-in dust collection port for vacuum attachment, letting you capture waste material while using rotary sanding or carving tools, keeping airborne dust to a minimum.

The handle extends to form an unobtrusive 1 1/2" diameter shroud that surrounds the three-jaw Jacobs-style chuck. A 54" flexible vacuum hose branches off the rear of the handle, ending in a cuff to link to 1 1/4" diameter dust-collection hose (2 1/2" to 1 1/4" adapter and 2 1/2" splice available separately).

The 51" flex shaft contains three bearings for smooth operation and has a reinforced wire core with a 1/4" shank that can be driven by a power drill, drill press, motor with an arbor, or anything with a chuck (10,000 rpm maximum; cannot run in reverse). It comes with two chucks – a 3/8" drill chuck for general use, and a smaller 5/16" keyless chuck that improves visibility and clearance when using carving burrs or small sanding drums.

A shroud extender is included for working with the rounded tip of ball-end attachments.

An excellent accessory.

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