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With an onboard dust-collection system that lets you work independently of a separate vacuum, this sander is effectively dust-free in use. Its aggressive 5mm orbit pattern permits rapid material removal when needed, while the relatively compact 5" platen can be used to hug contours or work precisely in tight spots, where the platen’s bevelled sides let you sand right up to an edge without contacting adjacent surfaces.

A pattern of holes in the platen draws dust from across the entire sanding disc. Air passing through the pneumatic motor produces a Venturi effect, generating a powerful suction to pull dust away from the surface while you work, expelling it through a 70" hose into a collection bag. Made of durable polyester fleece, the 8" × 12 1/2" bag keeps dust safely contained with no need for a protective outer bag.

The upper control paddle lets you adjust speed on the fly without interrupting your work – pressing the paddle increases the speed up to 12,000 rpm, a lighter squeeze slows the motor, and releasing it stops the tool within seconds. The sander connects to standard 3/8" diameter air hoses, requiring 17 cfm of air at pressure up 90 psi. It has a noise rating of 81 dB, and low vibration output of 2.8m/s².

Powerful yet easy to handle, the sander is only 4" tall and weighs 0.89kg (just under 2 lb) with an ergonomic design so it’s comfortable to use for long sessions. Compatible with a range of Mirka discs, it lets you select from a full line of abrasive types and grits to match the application.

A versatile, efficient tool that produces consistent surface finishes. Backed by a 2-year warranty.

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