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Spindle sanders are the best choice for shaping contours because the spindle's up-and-down motion distributes friction and wear, and results in a less pronounced scratch pattern on the work.

This sander is well made, with durable steel gearing for smooth operation and a powerful motor that provides ample torque when needed for heavy stock removal. To provide the needed resistance to lateral loading, the motor has a 3/4" diameter shaft and industrial-grade bearings.

The sander also permits highly efficient dust recovery, with a port design and perforated throat inserts that direct the airflow like a downdraft table, keeping debris off the surface and helping to minimize airborne particles. The large, accurately machined table provides a broad, stable surface for stock support. It is made of cast iron to dampen vibration and tilts with a rack-and-pinion mechanism for controlled adjustment.

Comes with five spindles and six throat inserts (three with a circular opening and three with an elongated opening for use when the table is tilted). All spindles are fitted with 100x aluminum oxide sleeves; replacement sleeves and sleeves in other grits available separately. For smoothing large-radius curves, a 3" spindle assembly is sold separately. A powerful and reliable machine, backed by a 5-year warranty.

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