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For pyrography enthusiasts, this selection of a tool set and project supplies features a lightweight, easy-to-control heat pen with interchangeable tips for applying pyrography designs to wood, leather and more. Graphite tracing paper for transferring designs is also included along with a live-edge basswood plaque and a 95-page guide that covers pyrography basics and techniques.

Multi-Function Heat Pen Set

While this tool serves as an excellent soldering gun, it’s useful for much more. With variable heat control and 11 different interchangeable tips, it has a range of applications that include pyrography, stencil cutting and hot stamping. Being able to adjust the temperature (to 510°C/950°F) lets you apply pyrography designs to wood, leather, paper, plastic, fabric and even ceramic. It comes with an assortment of pyrography tips – universal, flow, tapered shading, calligraphy, cone and mini universal points. All components, as well as a coil of solder, are supplied in a plastic storage case.

Live-Edge Basswood Plaque

A light-colored, medium-density wood often favored for pyrography and sign carving, basswood is easy to work, with a fine, even texture that takes detail well. This 8" × 10" oval piece is cut from a single block of wood and includes the natural bark.

Graphite Tracing Paper

Specifically made for woodworkers, this high-quality tracing paper leaves a dark, clean line on paper or wood that won’t smudge when you’re transferring patterns. The paper comes in a 12" × 144" continuous roll and can be reused several times.

Learn to Burn

by Simon Easton

Here are 14 skill-building projects for anyone who wants to learn pyrography. The book begins with the basics, from selecting tools and materials to set-up and safety, followed by instruction on basic techniques, demonstrating how to make various kinds of lines, shading and texturing, and provides tips on finishing. Projects progress in skill level, ranging from lettering on personalized napkin rings and coasters to applying intricate Celtic knotwork patterns on a keepsake box. Each includes a materials list, step-by-step instructions and color photos. The book concludes with a gallery of patterns. Softcover, 8 1/2" × 11", 2013.

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