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We offer our set of three Snug-Plug cutters (1/4", 3/8", 1/2") with our double-edge flush-cutting saw at a discount.

It is always difficult to fit plugs perfectly; any slight runout in the drill-press quill can make holes oversize, while also making plugs undersize. Snug-Plug cutters form slightly tapered plugs; the first 1/8" of the plug is the stated size, and the rest flares at a 3° angle. Unlike regular plug cutters, they shave the plug sides as they cut, making very smooth plugs. Just tap a plug into a hole until you meet resistance, then trim the excess. The plug fits perfectly, with a nearly invisible line between plug and workpiece. The cutters are carefully reamed after hardening for perfect concentricity. 3/8" shanks. Patented. Resharpening instructions included.

The saw has a thin, flexible 22 tpi blade that can be pressed flat against a surface, cutting the projection flush. It has teeth set to one side only, so it won’t damage the surrounding or adjoining face. The Japanese tooth-pattern blade cuts aggressively from either side on the pull stroke. The saw is about 11 1/2" long with a 4 3/4" blade.

This set will quickly become indispensable in the shop.

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