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Used to put a final edge on blades, or to touch up a blade between sharpening sessions, a strop is a useful addition to any sharpening arsenal.

Our double-sided hand strop is deliberately delivered with the leather unattached. This way, you can attach the leather as you wish, without the need to settle the ongoing debate as to which side of the leather is best for stropping: smooth (skin) side or rough (suede) side. Made of 18mm thick CNC routed Baltic birch plywood, it has a contoured handle for a comfortable grip. Once mounted, the leather is recessed into the body to reduce the accumulation of debris when the strop is set down. The 1 3/4" × 9" leather pads can be replaced as needed.

Since leather has a natural fine abrasive, the strop can be used as is. However, for optimum honing results, you can charge one side of the leather with a thin layer of our Veritas green honing compound, which is a blend of both chromium and aluminum oxide, to give the best combination of cutting speed and fine finish.

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