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Developed for industrial use, these abrasives on Mylar film cut quickly and produce an excellent finish.

Applied to a Plexiglas, wood, or steel strip backing, these can be used for sharpening everything from plane blades to razors, but they are at their best with carving tools where they can be used to hone or strop any shape.

The 15 micron (approx. 1000x) removes steel quite quickly; the 5 micron (approx. 2500x) refines the edge to usable keenness; and the 0.5 micron (approx. 9000x) gives it a mirror finish.

Sheets are 8 1/2" × 11"; all are available with plain backing; adhesive (PSA) backing is available with the 5 micron grit only. Abrasives are either silicon carbide or chromium oxide. One sheet can make several dozen specialized hones.

We feel that these are revolutionary sharpening materials.

Made in the USA.

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