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Diamond bench stones cut aggressively because of the spacing of the diamond and because of the perforation pattern. The perforations eliminate any tendency to clog, since they create reservoirs to hold swarf, which can then be periodically flushed away.

Although they are good for basic sharpening, they excel as tools for truing other tools, particularly bench stones. They do an excellent job on water stones and vastly simplify the task of keeping them flat. The extra-coarse (220x) or coarse (325x) diamond stones are the best for this purpose. The fine stone (600x) can also be used, but it is best for fast steel lapping or general sharpening. The extra-fine stone (1200x) is ideal for fine sharpening — it puts a factory-quality finish on carbide and is also excellent for cutlery. The manufacturer aims for a surface tolerance of ±0.003", but you can be safe in assuming a tolerance of ±0.005".

Available in three sizes. The 6" stones are 2" wide by 3/4" high and include a wooden base with non-skid rubber feet. The 8" and 10" double-sided stones have a different grit on each side. The 8" is 2 5/8" wide by 3/8" high. The 10" stone, at 4" wide by 3/8" high, is a specialized size for very large stones or wide plane blades.

A non-skid mat is included with each double-sided stone. For those who prefer a mounted stone, a plastic stand (fits 6", 8" or 10" stones) can be purchased as an accessory.

Made in USA.

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