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Favored for their cutting speed and exceptional flatness, these monocrystalline diamond stones are useful not only for general sharpening but also for lapping tools. They are manufactured to a flatness tolerance of ±0.001" over the entire length, and have a continuous abrasive surface that extends right to the edges of the stone.

They cut faster and leave a more consistent scratch pattern than diamond stones with a perforated surface, but need to be flushed more frequently to minimize loading. Long wearing, the diamond particles are fused to a 3/8" thick steel substrate, which is then nickel plated for rust resistance. The stones measure 3" × 8" and have non-skid rubber feet.

The extra-extra coarse (120x) is for rapid material removal. The extra coarse (220x) is good for initial lapping of uneven chisel or plane blade faces and fixing nicks. The fine (600x) is for finer lapping or general sharpening. The extra fine (1200x) is for fine sharpening of tools, cutlery or carbide. The 4000x, termed medium extra-fine by the maker, is for honing an edge and the extra-extra fine stone (8000x) produces a mirror finish.

Made in USA.