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This is just like the glue-bound workshop scratch pads we have sold for many years, but has a wire spiral-bound spine so it lies flat when opened to any page. This makes it easier to keep notes and sketches for future reference, but the pages are also perforated so they can be removed cleanly.

Like our original pads, the paper is whiter, more opaque, and 27% heavier than the stock used in typical scratch pads. There are graduations in Imperial along two edges and in metric along one. The dotted lines are 1/4" apart and the dots are 1/16" apart, so it's easy to do scale drawings without pulling out a drafting set. The cover and back of the pad are considerably heavier than most, making the pad usable on the job site without a clipboard.

Each pad contains 48 sheets of 11" × 8 1/2" paper. Sold individually or in a set of three pads. Made in Canada.

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