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If you've ever had to sneak a measuring cup out of the kitchen for use in the workshop, garage or garden shed, this product's usefulness almost speaks for itself. For anything from preparing gas/oil mixtures for two-stroke engines to thinning shellac or mixing fertilizer solutions, it spares your "good" measuring cups from being used in ways they shouldn't.

It has a 32 fl oz (1 litre) capacity and clear, accurate graduations embossed on the inner wall in 2 fl oz and 100cc increments. Made of seamless 0.03" thick 304 stainless steel, it can handle being dropped or left out in the rain without damage, and resists corrosion and tarnish from contact with common household chemicals.

Stands 7 1/4" tall and has a well-formed pouring spout and a sturdy handle. And yes, it's also food-safe – so if it goes missing from the workshop, try looking in the kitchen.

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