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Essentially a thin, double-sided adhesive film, transfer tape is as useful around the house as it is in the workshop. You simply position the adhesive on one surface, peel off the release liner and press the items together. Apart from shop applications like sticking sandpaper onto forms, temporarily assembling parts for layout, or applying micro-abrasive film to a sharpening fid, it can be used to adhere labels, cloth, and furniture glides (or any other item from which the adhesive has released prematurely). It works marvellously anywhere you need a thin, even layer of instant glue.

This tape can be removed easily if only slight pressure is used when bringing the surfaces together, but holds tenaciously if you press them together firmly. Only 2 mil (0.002") thick, it will not telegraph through thin material. Each roll is 12mm (1/2") wide by 30m (97.5') long.

Made in England.

An excellent alternative to spray adhesives and thicker tapes.

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