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Used as a durable yet supple seating material for hundreds of years, rattan cane is the outer bark of the rattan palm, a climbing vine that grows to the top of tropical forest canopies. This cane webbing (also called machine cane) is ideal for restoring a family heirloom or flea-market find, and can also be incorporated into new furniture. Machine cane is the easiest cane to install, requiring only the correct size of spline, some wooden wedges and a few basic tools, such as a knife, hammer and narrow chisel.

Suitable for a wide range of furniture styles, the pre-woven panels are wedged into perimeter grooves in the frame. Two patterns are available.

The octagonal mesh webbing is made from 4mm cane in a 1/2" weave and is available in 18" and 24" widths. The radio weave, a classic over/under design that comes in a 24" width only, is an open pattern in 3mm (medium) cane.

Sold by the linear foot.