Used as a durable yet supple seating material for hundreds of years, rattan cane is the outer bark of the rattan palm, a climbing vine that grows to the top of tropical forest canopies. Suitable for a wide range of furniture styles, this strand cane is ideal for restoring a family heirloom or flea-market find, and can also be incorporated into new furniture.

For use on frames with perimeter holes, strand cane is hand woven into the desired pattern.

Three sizes are available: 2.0mm (fine/fine), 2.5mm (fine), and 3.0mm (medium). Selecting the appropriate width depends primarily on the hole spacing. As a general guide, the 2.0mm cane is for holes centered 1/2" apart, the 2.5mm width is for a 5/8" spacing, and the 3.0mm size is for holes on 3/4" centers. Even so, small-diameter holes require a narrower width, since the cane passes through each hole several times. Be sure to measure the spacing at different locations on the frame. If it is uneven, use the average distance between centers over approximately 6".

Each kit contains enough material to re-cane one chair: a 270' coil of strand cane (not a continuous length), plus 8' of 4mm binding cane to cover the holes and create a finished border for the weave.