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Quick to set up, these portable shelters are a great way to keep overspray and drifting airborne droplets contained when finishing a project. They are made of a lightweight fabric similar to what is used in tents.

The small tabletop shelter has a springy one-piece construction that pops open with just a slight tug. Its integral bottom and fold-down front apron protect the surface underneath. Tie-down loops let you secure the shelter against gusts of wind when using it outdoors. The rear wall has a mesh vent you can open to improve airflow.

The large shelter is essentially a floorless tent large enough to spray pieces of furniture. It has a frame made of flexible snap-together rods that fit into loops and channels on the outside of the shelter. Loops on the base let you secure it to the ground with the included stakes. The mesh door can be closed to protect the project from insects and windblown debris as it dries.

Each shelter comes with a storage bag with an instruction sheet sewn inside – folding instructions for the small shelter and assembly instructions for the large shelter.

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