These brushes are a staple in the toolbox of most European painters, but are relatively unknown in North America. Made in France, these brushes have white China pig bristles that are hand formed to a point, then set in epoxy, and finally double crimped to the wooden handle using a solid copper ferrule. The bristles on the three largest brushes are also whipped with cord at the base of the ferrule to prevent them from splaying.

Unparalleled for painting or finishing moldings, casements or other irregular surfaces — the pointed tip allows you to reach into a corner without leaving a large dollop of paint. When cutting a line, rolling the brush slightly ensures a steady flow and further prevents errant bristles from marring adjacent surfaces. These brushes afford a measure of control that is difficult to achieve with conventional brushes.

The bristle is fully flagged. Best used with varnish and oil-based paints and finishes. To keep bristles in top shape, clean and dry thoroughly after use.