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Developed for use on wooden decks, garden furniture and screens, this durable finish affords excellent weather and water resistance.

When applied thinly and evenly, it seeps into wood grain and pores, creating a barrier between the wood and the elements, letting the wood breathe to prevent cracking, peeling or flaking, and reducing the risk of swelling and shrinkage. Based on vegetable oils (sunflower, soybean and thistle) and a proprietary blend of other ingredients including mineral pigments and low-odor spirit (benzene-free), it has a low environmental impact.

Despite the inclusion of “teak” in its name on the container label (a reference to the historical use of teak in Germany to make outdoor furniture), the coating is clear and offers no UV protection.

Easily applied with a brush, roller or cloth. Dries in about 12 hours at 23°C (73°F) and 50% relative humidity. Both lower temperature and higher humidity increase drying time. For added protection, a second coat can be applied after the first has dried.

Sanding is not required to renew the finish, simply wash the surface and reapply. (Pressure washing is not recommended for older decks as water forced into the wood necessitates a one- to two-week drying period before applying decking oil.)

Suitable for use on thoroughly dry pressure-treated or untreated wood. Drying/weathering duration varies depending on wood type as well as heat and humidity conditions; however, six weeks of weathering is recommended.

In our testing, we found the oil spreads well; a little goes a long way. A high-yield finish, it provides coverage of 194 sq. ft. (18m²) per 750ml (25.5 fl oz) can.

Made in Germany.

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