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Most finishes today contain petroleum distillates, solvents or heavy metal drier additives. This Danish oil doesn’t. Pure polymerized linseed oil with no additives, it strictly adheres to the standards established by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and qualifies as non-toxic and safe for food-contact surfaces in both its uncured and cured (wet and dry) states. An ideal choice for kitchenware and furniture, it penetrates deeply into wood surfaces and builds to a durable, water-resistant satin sheen.

Made using traditional 18th-century production techniques, it is a high-yield finish, providing coverage of at least 75 square feet per 16 fl oz/473ml.

The oil is applied sparingly to the surface, allowed to penetrate for 5 minutes and then wiped clean and buffed dry. Subsequent coats can be applied in as little as 24 hours though allowing 2 to 3 days between coats will speed curing of the finish. Good protection is achieved with 2 to 3 coats. Buff surfaces occasionally to maintain sheen.

A simple, environmentally-friendly finishing solution available in 16 fl oz/473ml and 32 fl oz/946ml containers.

Made in USA.

Not available for shipment to California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Maine, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont or Washington.

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