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This water-based polyurethane finish is low in VOC (volatile organic compounds), so it poses less risk to health and makes for easier clean-up and disposal. It has a thick, smooth-flowing consistency that levels well and is readily brushed, drying in about 2 hours to a tough, durable coat. It is a general-purpose varnish suitable for interior woodwork and furniture, with a high resin content for excellent durability and vertical sag resistance.

Available in gloss, semi-gloss, and satin sheens and comes in quart containers (32 fl oz/946ml). Coverage is approximately 150 sq.ft./quart; minimum of three coats recommended.

Can also be sprayed by diluting by about 10%. Suitable for use over oil stains that have dried for at least 48 hours. An excellent family of varnishes.

Made in USA.

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