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Refined in Germany, this is the highest grade of shellac available – you can simply mix it and apply, without the need for filtering to remove impurities. It is completely wax-free, so it builds to a hard, water-resistant surface, and can be used as a sealer under other film finishes.

To maximize shelf life, the flakes are packaged in the USA in resealable airtight bags with a desiccant and an oxygen absorber.

Supplied in 1/2 lb (227g) packages in tints from super-blonde (virtually colorless) to garnet (a reddish-brown hue often preferred for darker woods). Mixed at a 2 lb cut, each package yields just under 1 litre of finish.

Forgiving to work with, shellac dries quickly, doesn’t require sanding between coats, and can be applied a variety of ways (brushed, padded or sprayed).

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